A Drug Test You Can Trust

Patients will not disclose their complete drug use. Your current drug test is not capable of revealing patients’ complete drug use. CU Toxicology can help you finally get to the truth.

Complete Drug Discovery
Using a revolutionary complete drug discovery technology that delivers the complete truth in one test, CU Toxicology reports on the presence of more than 500 drugs of pain management and abuse. This comprehensive technology provides an objective clinical truth about patients’ drug use and misuse and allows you to recognize and address unknown polypharmacy issues.

Developed at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, CU Toxicology’s urine drug testing process delivers faster certainty, which leads to better, more cost effective outcomes. CU Toxicology provides unmatched drug testing expertise in both clinical and research settings.

How it Works
CU Toxicology’s complete drug discovery technology sets a new gold standard for toxicology testing. Using proprietary HPLC-MS/MS technology, CU Toxicology delivers the most sensitive and specific confirming test available, rendering the industry’s current drug screen and confirming process ineffective and obsolete.